The Top 12 Google Tools for Entrepreneurs

The Top 12 Google Tools for Entrepreneurs

Everyone has used Google’s product once in their lifetime. However, when it comes to entrepreneurs,

Everyone has used Google’s product once in their lifetime. However, when it comes to entrepreneurs, Google has some pretty awesome tools, and almost all of them have a free version.

So, if you’re in the beginning phase of your startup and testing most things out, these Google tools can be helpful. Let’s learn more about them one by one.

As you might already know, no matter what people need today, the search starts with Google. The tool, Google My Business, is made just for that. It’s basically a directory where you can list your business for people to find it.

Moreover, you can share your office or store’s location, your contact details, pictures, and live customer reviews here. It can help you build credibility for your business and give you an online presence for free.

If you have an offline business, it’s an amazing resource to get your hands on.

Like almost every business today, you must have a website for your company. The biggest reason for your website is to build an online presence and attract more leads to convert into customers.

To find out if your website is actually helping you achieve these results or not, Google Analytics can help. The tool has various functions. It helps you:

  • Track your website traffic.
  • Understand the web traffic insights.
  • Know the demographic details of your visitors.
  • Find out how much time people are spending on which page and more.

Once you know such details about your site, you can easily fix any problems you find.

This is a notification service that Google offers for any keyword that you’re interested in. For instance, if you want to know if your name or your company’s name is mentioned in any search, in which region, at what time, and on which website, you can simply create a Google alert for this term—your name.

As per your needs, you can choose to get daily, weekly, or monthly alerts. Some of the best uses of it can be to analyze your competitors, stay on top of industry trends, or know what an influencer or an expert in your industry is up to.

It’s basically a website of Google that helps you find out the quality of a certain keyword based on how many times it has been searched for in a particular region.

You can also use it to compare multiple keywords in specific locations to find out which of them has a better search volume. It shows the results in the form of a graph.

To do this, just go to and enter the keywords you want to search for. If you need to add more keywords, click on the plus sign available on the right side. It will show you trends for searched terms by different colored graph lines.

Moreover, you can also compare the search results for one (or more) keywords in different regions. To do this, just enter your keyword in the search box and change the region from below one by one.

One of the best uses of it can be to search for the right keywords for your ads.

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service system, which runs easily with synchronization on multiple devices: phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, iPhones, Macs, etc.

You can get this service just by signing up for a Gmail account, and get 15GB of free space. Other free tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Meet, and more work seamlessly in integration with Google Drive. You can also buy more cloud space by purchasing its monthly plan.

Additionally, you can also buy a plan on Google Workspace and sign up for a work email. It comes with 30GB of cloud space and all other integrated tools that come with the free version.

This software is an integrated tool of Google Drive. You can use it to create different types of forms—for instance, job application forms to hire new candidates for various roles, update request forms for clients’ projects, create interactive workflows, surveys, etc.

You must already be familiar with Google Meet. It’s a video communication system that allows you to have a hundred participants at once. You can conduct a video call with Google Meet for up to 60 minutes.

It’s a perfect tool to conduct initial recruitment interviews, client interviews, team meetings, potential clients’ discovery calls, and more.

If you’re willing to build and maintain an online presence, then SEO is essential. However, most of the SEO tools are paid.

Google Keyword Planner can help you with your keyword research process. You can find how difficult it can be to rank for a keyword, how many times it’s been searched for, and what is the cost per click for that keyword. The best part is that this tool is completely free to use.

It’s an online advertising program that Google offers to run ad campaigns easily. It comes with multiple other tools for small and enterprise-level businesses—for instance, Data Studio, Optimize, Surveys, and Tag Manager.

It helps you take deeper insights into your Google ad campaigns, target audience’s browsing behavior, and analyze your ads’ performance.

It’s a web-based service of Google that helps you understand how your website is performing on search engines and appearing on other devices.

With Google Search Console, you can find out the loading speed of your website, your web pages’ indexing, whether your site is responsive or not, how many other domains are linking to your website, and more.

Once you know about these details, you can take notes of the analysis and fix your website where it needs to be fixed.

Google provides a platform for startups to help them meet the right people, support them financially, and provide aid to build a new product.

Google for Startup is currently operating in 135 countries. They have local physical communities set up, and they provide mentorship and training to the founders and their team.

It’s a great platform that Google offers to help you take insights into planning your marketing campaigns. They provide detailed customer behavior, marketing insights, and strategies that work for multiple industries. However, currently, they only have this data available for only a few countries: Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and more.

Moreover, they also offer useful tools like Test My Site, Media Rich Gallery, Google Trends, and Market Finder.

Being an entrepreneur can be hard. You have to learn tons of things, test millions of things, and invest in different tools and resources. In the midst of that, the tools that Google offers can be useful.

To get started, you can take care of your basic needs with them, plus get an idea of how things work before making any major investments.

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